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With their minds fixed on finding some treasures, Suhcrom and Naddih have planned a secret pirate adventure, and this time, they’ve inited their best friends, Sterlin and Rodney, to come along. Having learned about pirates in school, Naddih draws a map that would lead them to the biggest treasure troves supposedly buried at Port Henderson Beach centuries ago. As the four friends begin their quest, their imaginations run wild with hopes of finding valuable treasures–treasures like rubies, diamonds and pearls! Although some troubles slow them down along the way, they arrive at the beach with great anticipation. After hours of digging, with their hopes nearly dashed, the boys are not ready to give up. Relying on Rodney’s “special sight,” the four comrades suddenly discover a treasure…a unique treasure that leads to more mystery. This discovery not only spurs them on to keep searching but ignites Suhcrom and Naddih’s desire to solve the mystery.

Silly Nomads – Vol 5 Hunt for Pirate Treasures

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