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Since the debut of their first book, Silly Nomads From Palmerston Close, co-authors M. E. Mohalland and J. L. Lewis have continued to publish additional stories about characters Suhcrom and Naddih, two adventurous Jamaican brothers who use their imaginations to explore the world around them. In every volume of this series, the stories contain many true-to-life childhood experiences of co-author Marcus Mohalland when he was growing up in Portmore, Jamaica. This special anniversary edition was compiled to commemorate the progress of Silly Nomads as a book series by combining all five current volumes within one binder. One addition to this is a page at the end of each volume listing four simple yet thought-provoking questions, included as a tool for readers, parents, and teachers to use for further discussion of the stories. The five stories contained within Jamaican Adventures are (Vol 1) Silly Nomads From Palmerston Close; (Vol2) Silly Nomads Go Ninja Crazy; (Vol 3) Jubilee Bike Race Heroes; (Vol 4) Journey to the Race Track; and (Vol 5) Hunt for Pirate Treasures. Beautifully designed, this publication is a wonderful addition to any home or school library, and would be a great resource for elementary teachers to use in the classroom.

Jamaican Adventures: Silly Nomads Anniversary Edition, Volumes 1-5

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