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The biggest horse races of the year are happening the day after Christmas at Caymanas Park, near Newlands, Jamaica. Suhcrom’s grandmother, who sells food at the races, needs her food cart wheeled to the track, and ten-year-old Suhcrom is the only one available. He has never pushed this heavy cart by himself before. Is he really strong enough? What if he runs into trouble? As Suhcrom waves goodbye to his Mama, he is determined to make her proud. But he faces one challenge after another…and narrowly avoids disaster! Still he keeps going and never gives up. Each book in the Silly Nomads series recounts many true life experiences of co-author Marcus Mohalland as a young boy growing up in Jamaica. In this story, he is ten-year-old Suhcrom. The story embodies the spirit of determination, reminding us all to never give up.

Silly Nomads – Vol 4 Journey to the Race Track

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